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Virtual Act Specs



Resolution: HD 1920 x 1080p **(Absolutely no vertical videos)**


Video Codec: H.264 (most phones record in this codec), H.265, ProRes (If you are recording in another codec you will need to transcode your final video to one of these formats for final delivery)


Audio: 24bit high quality audio embedded in video - No louder than -3db (Please use proper sound equipment to capture sound cleanly)


Video Length: 5 minutes max. (If you require more or less time please notify us by email:, ATTN: Alexa)





  • Use a tripod or some form of camera stabilization to avoid shaky video.

  • Maintain a proper exposure (not too bright or too dark) so the image feels balanced.

  • Film in either 23.976fps or 29.97fps

  • Make sure camera is set to proper white balance so the image looks correct (not too orange or too blue).

  • Ensure your focus is set on your subject to avoid a blurry image.

  • Avoid filming vertical (landscape format only).

  • Avoid filming others that don’t want to be on camera (general public in background).



  • Utilize natural light or large light sources to achieve a bright clean look if not using theatrical lighting.

  • Avoid filming in areas of mix lighting (daylight and orange indoor lighting mixed).

  • Avoid hard top down lights that cause dark shadows under eyes.

  • Avoid hard back lighting if filming against a window or large light source. This can throw off your image exposure and give you an unbalanced image.


Audio, if recording

  • Use proper audio equipment for sound capture (shotgun mic, lavaliere mic, audio mixer recorder). Please note, edited acts can have audio and music dubbed over final project “Music video” style.

  • Try and have the microphone as close to the subject as possible to avoid hearing too much room noise or the subject sounding distant. Dubbing with pre-recorded audio is encouraged.

  • Avoid over-modulated or peaking audio (when levels are too high and clip).

  • Avoid audio being too quiet or low (Usually try and aim for -6db to -12db)


Tutorial Reference videos:




Accepted final delivery format: 1080p H.264 (.mp4 or .mov) or 1080p ProRes422 (.mov)

Frame Rate: 23.976fps or 29.976fps

Audio: Embedded in video (high quality 24bit), No louder than -3db

*If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the outlined criteria please contact

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