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Passion & Performance Studio Presents:
VIBF Workshop Series

Registration for our workshop series is now open! Join us on Saturday, April 1st at Passion & Performance Studio for a day of skill-building workshops with some of our incredible visiting performers. 


Want to attend in person? Admission is $25 (+service fees) per class or grab one of our limited-supply full day class passes for $125 (+service fees).


The workshops will also be livestreamed! Pick up a livestream pass at the price most accessible to you to watch the full day of classes online during the event.

Browse this year's offerings and sign-up below.

Please note: The workshop schedule was last modified on March 17 2023. If you registered for a class before this date, check your email for any updates relevant to you!

Workshop Schedule

10:00 AM : Android Allure 'Baby Is It 10's?' (60mins)

11:00 AM : Zyra Lee Vanity 'Traplesque 101' (60mins)

12:00 PM : Joy Rider 'Revealing: Burlesque & Identity' (60mins)

1:00 PM : Nox Falls 'Gutter Glamour(60mins)

2:00 PM : Deeva Rose 'Lap Dance for Fat Babes' (60mins)

3:00 PM: Nudell 'Silk Fan Flow 101' (60mins)


Traplesque 101

Zyra Lee Vanity
VIBF Headliner 2023
Montreal, QC

Known as Toronto’s Urban Desire and Canada’s traplesque seductress, Zyra often uses elements of classic costuming and classic movement against urban trap music to create dynamic, edgy and fun neo acts. Dancing to trap music is all about attitude, saying “F U!” to respectability politics, unapologetically living, confidence and having fun! In this class Zyra will teach you how to own all of that as well as do the burlesque basics (such as bumping and grinding), but to trap music! This class is choreography based and is designed to help you bring out your inner bad and bougie traplesque goddess. Learn how to move comfortably to trap music while still teasing!


What to Bring: Bring a bottle of water & comfortable clothing!


Skill Level: Beginner! This workshop is open to all levels of performers but geared towards beginners!

AndroidAllure_KiethJohnson_1 - Android Allure.JPG

Baby is it 10’s? Developing Stage Persona Utilizing Elements of Ballroom Culture

Android Allure
Seattle, WA

Baby is it 10’s? is a workshop that utilizes elements from underground ballroom culture to assist in developing your stage persona and the intention behind every move you make. How does your character move, walk, stand, dance? How do they speak and showcase the gambit of emotion? Are they sexy and sultry, or are they dark and mysterious? What’s their story? How do they evolve? This class is designed to explore these questions. The goal of this workshop is to give you tools and a blueprint to take home in order continue building your persona at your own pace. Come in ready to walk in all your power and make the people feel it, because the last thing you want is a CHOP!


All skill levels are welcome.

DeevaRosebySylverFlash - Deeva Rose.JPG

Lap Dance for Fat Babes!

Deeva Rose
Minneapolis, MN

Create a Sexy Surprise for your Partner! Feel Like a Badass & Move Your Sexy Bod!


In this class you will learn the elements of striptease, Deeva’s lap dance formula, and some money-making moves. Find your own special self confidence and self love while getting in touch with your sensuality.


There is a portion of class that happens on the floor. Knee pads are advised and modifications and adjustments are offered for cranky knees!

This class is open to students of all abilities.

IMG_20221010_130617_301 (1).jpg

Gutter Glamour

Nox Falls
Seattle, WA

Gutter Glamour is an “stagefilth” -driven experience that helps the performer explore their body, awareness, and the weilding of blatant sexual gestures/displays. Using inclusive movements, stillness, and overall power poses to enhance your performances and encourage the confidence needed for growth.
Please wear clothing that will enable movement, knee pads (optional but not required), and shoes of your choice if desired.


Notepad optional as the first part of the class will include discussions to help guide the journey.

Nudell_fazillaphotos - Nudell Arts.jpg

Silk Fan Flow 101

Edmonton, AB

Elevate your burlesque number with the airy but classic prop : silk fans. In this workshop, you'll learn a simple flow with a number of skills for beginners and intermediate performers to add dimension to your fan work tool kit! Come play and move with your silks in an entirely new way on stage or for joy with Nudell!


Nudell is an internationally known multidisciplinary artist bringing in their skills from the Flow arts community.


Please bring your own silk fans - very limited sets will be available to borrow in class!

Main (Joy Rider _ Marisa Parisella (1).png

Revealing: Burlesque & Identity

Joy Rider
Montreal, QC

Learn how to use burlesque as a therapeutic way to explore and connect with your identity. This is an interactive, lecture-style class on how burlesque can help improve our sense of self and provide creative avenues for mending relationships to our bodies. Facilitated by Joy Rider, an award-winning burlesque performer who lives a double life as a professional art therapist/mental health counsellor in private practice.


Students from all backgrounds at any stage in their burlesque career can benefit from participation in this class.


Supplies needed: writing tools for journaling exercises.


Experience level: All

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