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Vancouver is BURLESQUE

EST. 2006 The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival is Canada’s most prestigious and longest-running burlesque festival.

About our Festival

Showcasing the finest local and international talent, VIBF brings superstars to the stage every spring.

With a rich history of burlesque and cabaret dating back to the Golden Age of Burlesque, ​Vancouver has honoured this colourful history by becoming an incubator of talent and innovation. Over fifteen years our weekend event has grown into a world class experience, not to be missed. 

Each year we present four unforgettable days of engaging talks, educational workshops, and other fun and fabulous supporting events. Come rub shoulders with the world’s most sought-after burlesque performers, Legends from the Golden Age of Burlesque, and the best of Vancouver’s own glitterati.

Diversity Guidelines 

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Association and Artistic Director are committed to ensuring that our diverse local and international burlesque community is represented on the Festival’s stage.

The VIBFA and Artistic Director curate our annual events to ensure the visibility and inclusion of those who identify as performers of color, performers of size, performers over 40 years of age, performers with disabilities, and performers belonging to the LGBTTTQQIAAP (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-Spirited, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Agender, Pansexual) community.


The Festival’s final curation is designed to reflect the full spectrum of bodies and identities enriching and defining burlesque today.

Don't forget to check out our Code of Conduct.

Diversity Policy


2 years on, 1 year off

The Festival Board and Artistic Director have heard and listened to community feedback and concerns about repeat casting.


With this in mind, The VIBFA recommends that local and international performers use a self-monitored and self-implemented '2 years on, 1 year off' policy for solo acts. If a performer has been selected to perform a solo for the past three consecutive years, the VIBFA Board and Artistic Director encourage them to get involved with the Festival in alternate ways for the upcoming year.

This recommendation is self-implemented and optional; performers will not be penalized for applying despite this recommendation, and their acts will be scored fairly alongside other submissions. Final casting will be curated in accordance with the VIBFA’s diversity policy.

Fresh Faced Feature

Fresh perspectives, ideas, and innovations are required for the growth and continued health of any art form.


To shine the spotlight on emerging talent and newer performers, VIBF and its Artistic Director have implemented one 'Fresh Faced Feature' solo slot for each of our showcase events; one 'Fresh Face' will be selected per showcase, giving those who have been performing for 3 years or less an opportunity to show us the bright future of burlesque!

Any performer who debuted as a burlesque soloist in the three years prior to the festival is eligible to apply for this position. Debut date and location must be provided on the application, and will be verified by the Production Team. Fresh Faced Feature applications will be scored alongside all other applications, and curated in accordance with our Festival’s Diversity Policy.

Meet Our Crew: Behind the SCENES

Board Members
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