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Code of Conduct

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival is a celebration of the diversity, creativity, sensuality, and sexual freedom in burlesque. Please help us make our space a loving one! 


The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Association (VIBFA) wants everyone involved with the Festival to feel safe and respected during their Festival experience and are committed to providing a safer space free from harassment, abusive behaviour, and consent violations. VIBFA staff and crew, board members, volunteers, performers, hosts, and audience members are expected to follow these guidelines and be accountable for their conduct and actions. 


We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bullying or harassment from anyone involved in Festival programming. We expect from you:

  • No inappropriate or non-consensual physical contact;

  • No unwelcome sexual advances or attention, whether indirect or explicit;

  • No bullying, stalking, or following;

  • No abusive or disrespectful language or physical conduct that reinforces social structures of domination related to race, place of origin, ancestry, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, body size, age, religion, family status, source of income, or beliefs.


You can expect from us: 

  • To listen to concerns and address them to the best of our ability with fair, action-based solutions.

  • To strive to create a safe, welcoming, non-discriminatory environment for VIBF events.

  • To keep the community up to date and informed on relevant and/or urgent association news.

  • To be open to, reachable, and available for communication and feedback.

  • To make improvements as we learn.

  • Community engagement and accountability.


If you have been the recipient of any such bullying or harassment:

  1. If you feel safe doing so, tell the harasser their behaviour is unwelcome and ask them to stop. It is helpful to keep written or electronic records of incidents, dates, times, and witnesses present if you are able.

  2. Report the incident to one of the following individuals:

    • VIBFA Board Members

    • VIBFA Artistic Director

    • VIBFA Volunteer Coordinator

  3. If reporting the incident directly is not safe to do, you can also fill out this short, anonymous feedback form, which will only be seen by the VIBFA Board.


It is the responsibility of any VIBFA Board or staff member to take immediate and appropriate action to report or deal with incidents of harassment of any type whether brought to their attention or personally observed. Under no circumstances should a complaint be dismissed or downplayed, nor should the complainant be told to deal with it personally if they do not wish to do so.


Once a complaint is received it will be kept confidential to the organization, including the VIBFA Board, except to the extent required by law. Audience members observed or reported to be in breach of this policy may be removed from Festival programming. If requested by the person raising the complaint, an investigation will be undertaken immediately and all necessary steps taken to resolve the issue. Both the complainant and the alleged harasser will be interviewed confidentially, as will any individuals who may be able to provide relevant information. The identity of the complainant will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to other individuals without the complainant’s express consent. If appropriate, action taken may include mediation. If the investigation concludes that harassment took place, discipline may include suspension or dismissal. For performers, this may mean removal from your bookings in Festival programming. Regardless of the outcome of a complaint made in good faith, the person lodging the complaint and anyone providing information will be protected from any form of retaliation.



The VIBFA wants to ensure the highest degree of safety, accountability, and fun for all in our community. As such, the Board has implemented the following processes for the 2025 Festival. We are always growing and learning, and are open to your feedback as to ways to improve this process:

  1. In advance of Festival programming, accepted performers will review the above Code of Conduct and confirm in writing their commitment to upholding it during all Festival programming and Festival spaces, including but not limited to: at Festival events (in-person and digital) and in communication with and about other Festival performers, Board members, staff, volunteers, and audience members. 

  2. During Festival programming, two Community Safety Liaisons will be present at each Festival event. Community Safety Liaisons are volunteers who will be briefed and trained in VIBF policies and procedures and best practices for community safety prior to every VIBF event. Community Safety Liaisons can be approached by audience members, performers, volunteers, or any other VIBF personnel at VIBF events who may wish to report concerns or request Board follow-up on any incidents. At all VIBF events, Community Safety Liaisons will be identifiable via their ‘Community Safety Liaison’ badges, and event hosts will indicate how attendees can report any concerns to Community Safety Liaisons during events.   

  3. At any time, VIBFA members and non-members can confidentially share any issues or concerns they’d like to raise with the Board via our anonymous feedback form. 

  4. Annually, the Board will review the Code of Conduct and these processes to see what worked and what could be improved upon, and will update these policies and processes as needed. 

  5. At minimum once annually, the VIBFA Board will hold a town hall for VIBFA members to receive updates from the Board about the VIBFA’s work and to share any concerns, questions, or needs with the Board. The next town hall will be in 2024, after the 2024 Festival. 

Don't forget to visit our event page to see what is in store for 2025!

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