T.I.T. Talks

Join us on April 30 at 7pm PST as our panel of six established burlesque  performers share their insight in areas unique to burlesque, including personal identity, branding, and striking balance in burlesque.


Prepare for an evening design to teach, inspire, and transcend hosted and facilitated by Monday Blues! View our presenters and their topics below. 

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Selling Out

The Lady Josephine

As a pro or semi-pro burlesque artist you have three often-opposing things crying for your attention: your audience, your vision and your bank account. After 10 years as an artist and mentor in the game of burlesque, I'm happy to offer insight into finding your personal balance between these things. Putting your audience first is crucial. So is feeling nourished as an artist. So is paying your rent. Let's talk about making burlesque work for you on all levels.

SPEAKER Minda Mae.jpg

Digital Disabilibabes: Accessibility on (& off) the Virtual Stage

Minda Mae

Curious about how to advocate for your accessibility needs and the needs of others on and off the virtual stage? Wondering how we all can work together to cultivate and maintain a space for every ability level? Whether you’re a disabled performer navigating the performance world or an able-bodied producer who wants to create accessible events, we hope you will join Minda Mae, founder of the DisabiliTease Festival, as she shares some of her favorite tools, tricks, and know-how to create space for every disibilibabe in the digital world.

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Branding 101– A Crash Course on Designing Your Brand

Calamity Chang

What makes a brand work, and how do you get out there? Calamity Chang brings years of expertise in branding, marketing and burlesque to this condensed presentation of her hit touring class. Delve into brand identity, content creation, marketing must-haves and basic design concepts for logo development. Explore how to give your content consistent tonality and learn best practices for standing out online. Get ready to grow your burlesque presence!

Diasporic Dynasty

Ushering in a New Era of BIPOC Burlesque Performance

Androsia Wilde & Roxy Reverie  Diasporic Dynasty

As individuals weary of working in productions and communities that do not see us as priorities, what do we do? Diasporic Dynasty is our response. Not just a troupe but a collective mission, Diasporic Dynasty strives to decolonize stages, to be the actualization of our ancestors, and to welcome our diasporic siblings home. In this talk, we expand on what this mission means to us and the importance of autonomously creating, producing, and making space for BIPOC burlesque.

SPEAKER PucksAPlenty- YourRougePhotograp

Down with the Thiccness

Mx. Pucks A'Plenty

My journey as a Fatlesquer and navigating an industry that says "Burlesque is for Everybody" but can feel very exclusionary to Fat bodies.

SPEAKER Faye Havoc - ByFayeHavocFramed.j

Who Framed Jessica Rabbit?: the Unexpected Intersection of Asexuality and Burlesque

Faye Havoc

What's it like being ace in a context so strongly associated with sexual desirability and presumed availability? What can the often-overlooked presence of asexuals in burlesque teach us about performance, glamour, consent, and our own assumptions of what - and who - is "sexy?" Faye Havoc shares from nearly a decade of experience navigating the world of burlesque as an awkward ace babe... and will even introduce you to the asexual community's theory that Jessica Rabbit - yes, the bombshell cartoon sex icon who launched a thousand tribute acts - could easily be "one of us!"