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T.I.T. Talks

Join us on April 7 at 7pm PST at Havana Theatre for an evening of empowerment and education. Our panel of six presenters share their insight in areas unique to burlesque and the community as a whole. Read more about our 2022 T.I.T. Talks and Presenters below.

Tickets are $28 (+fees) in-person or watch from home via live stream for $15 (+fees)


Prepare for an evening designed to teach, inspire, and transcend hosted and facilitated by Halena Lou, VIBF Board Secretary! View our presenters and their topics below. 

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LOLA-26 - Lola Frost.jpg

Tour Life:
Peeling Back the Curtain

Lola Frost

Hold onto your butts and be prepared for the glamour to dissolve and your choices rethought!


Lola is going to take you on a little ride of living on the road as a full-time touring performer. Sometimes a sparkly showpony, sometimes a vivacious Club Str*pper, most times a tired human!

Some good, some bad, some funny, some sad, this is the ups & downs of life on the road!

You can expect - tips and tricks to hotel life, how to manage burnout, why support systems are so key and lot's of anecdotal ridiculousness.   

Foxy Lexxi - 1

Confidence is Key:
Self Confidence Through Burlesque

Foxy Lexxi Brown

After being mocked for being true to herself, Foxy found her confidence deflated, with her imposter syndrome at an all-time high.

Confidence is an ongoing mind-shifting process that even an award-winning International burlesque performer can struggle with.

However, confidence can be approached as a skill that can be trained - with practice and consistency.

Listen as Foxy offers tales of her own struggles with confidence, and how she nourishes her self-confidence through burlesque.

Judith Stein - 3.jpg

Life of a Working Stripper from the

Judith Stein

From the High Arctic to the US borders...a whole thriving industry evolved in Canada.

Not for the faint of heart, but a whirlwind adventure that brought the chance to travel while making exceptional money.

 Straight from your Legend Judith Stein, who lived that rollicking life from 1970 to 1990 and brings tales to share with you.

  From the high-end city nightclubs to the lowdown beer parlours. Topless, bottomless and definitely entertaining!

A brief history of Canadian strippers - from contracts, agencies, costumes and travels - from one who lived this life.

Juicy Jam

Huli Jing: Taking Inspiration from Chinese Mythology

Juicy Jam

Huli Jing is often misunderstood and mistreated in Chinese mythology because of its playful nature and beautiful looks.


Juicy Jam will discuss her inspiration behind depicting this creature in her act and Huli Jing's portrayal throughout history as a whole.


BC Bad Date & Aggressor Reporting Project

Andrea Cupelli

& Courtney Demone

The BC Bad Date and Aggressor Reporting (BC BDAR) Project is a three-year project to create a provincially integrated bad date reporting system across BC.


A Bad Date Reporting System is a sex worker led response to report violent incidents or safety concerns to peers and/or outreach workers.


These incidents and concerns are tracked in databases and distributed to help keep each other safe. The BC BDAR project will build a tool that will incorporate all communities and sectors of sex workers in BC.

rainbow_ASH3492 - Jaibrend Rainbowglitz Johnson-Baker.jpg

Basic D:
Decolonization 101


Begin your journey in decolonizing as RainbowGlitz explores how to unpack colonial idealisms and how they've impacted our understanding of sexuality & gender.


She'll address how colonialism has effected the burlesque community and invite new ways of thinking, being, and honouring all people who are involved in this art form. Join her for this good medicine so that we can forge a safer and brighter future  

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