Breaking the 4th Wall: How to Connect with your Audience with The Lady Josephine

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Burlesque is a spectator sport. The audience is part of your show! No matter what your burlesque-style, engaging your audience and "breaking the 4th wall" is an integral part of a captivating striptease and a key ingredient that makes burlesque different from many other stage performances.

This workshop explores concrete techniques for how to reach out to those vague figures sitting behind your blinding stage lights. From jumping in someone's lap, to humping the curtains, to serving a soul-piercing gaze... we will dive into many techniques. We will discuss what makes them important and use practical exercises to understand how to use them in your own shows.

This workshop is for professionals looking to refresh their skills, new performers and performers-in-training. Please bring a notebook and writing tool to class.

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