Workshop Series

Registration for our online workshop series is now open. Each class is $20 (plus service fees) or $100 (plus service fees) for all six classes. Browse this year's offerings and sign-up below.

INSTRUCTOR Rubyyy Jones - Eivind-Hansen

April 15 | 6pm PST

Dance Dance Dance

with Rubyyy Jones 

Dance Dance Dance is an all levels dance workshop for those who want to push their capacity for dance and the possibilities of dance in their life. Whether you're a bedroom burlesquer or a glittering headliner, this is a potent and punchy workshop to help you expand your repertoire and harness your natural energy for max effect and maximised movement. Rubyyy Jones is a movement director, choreographer, Burlesque Hall of Fame-r and a "big fat fabulous Queer Cxnadian".

INSTRUCTOR BiancaBoomBoom - La Photograp

April 15 | 7pm PST

Scene and Character Study for Burlesque

with Bianca Boom Boom

Learn tips and tricks to help you make clearer, more defined burlesque acts, regardless of style! Drawing on tools commonly used for script work, this class will look at scene and character analysis techniques and how they can be adapted for burlesque. This is a lecture based class. To bring: A notebook and pen, any act ideas you have! Level: Beginners are welcome but should have some knowledge of putting a complete burlesque act together.

INSTRUCTOR Siomai - BettinaMay.jpg

April 22 | 6pm PST

Be Your Own Cheerleader

with Siomai Moore

Imposter syndrome, anxiety and self doubt… it gets us all! But do you know how awesome you really are? Have you taken a look at all the cool stuff you’ve done? Do you know how many people are cheering you on? Did you know YOU can cheer YOU on?! You can! In ‘Be Your Own Cheerleader!’ Siomai Moore will discuss how she pulls herself out of black holes of feeling “blah” and guide you through a number of journaling exercises where you will celebrate all the great things that make you, you! 

INSTRUCTOR Misty Moss - victoria bc boud

April 22 | 7pm PST

How to Take Bomb A$$ Selfies

with Misty Moss

Be a selfie super star! Learn the basics of lighting, composition, posing, and how to take amazing self portraits with just the camera on your phone. Pump up your digital presense and develop your skills in this art form that goes arm in arm with online burlesque.


April 29 | 6pm PST

Sexiness, Pose and Walk - The "Tease" behind the "Strip"

with Foxy Lexxi

How do we embody sexiness? What gives your audience that jaw dropping, hoot and hollering, heart-eyes experience? Explore how the tease is the element around which the strip turns. Join the ever sexy Foxy Lexxi as she shows how to use shapes, walks and movement to highlight your silhouette, charm and certain something... leaving your audience hot, bothered and head over heels in love (or do we mean lust?)

INSTRUCTOR Vogue Mahone.jpg

April 29 | 7pm PST

Nipple Bling - the Art of the Pastie

with Vogue Mahone -

Showgirl Sparkle

Let's get spinning! This class will go over the material basics and provide instruction on assembling a classic buckram pastie base with a ball-bearing swivel. With thousands of hand crafted pasties under her (rhinestoned) belt, Vogue will help you avoid the common pitfalls of pastie making and help put some bling in your swing! This class will cover all elements of pastie making from start to finish and include a Q&A period, and therefore may not allow time to complete a full pair. Vogue will be available outside of class and is always happy to talk pasties.