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VIBF Workshop Series

Thank you for joining us on Saturday, April 6 at Passion & Performance Studio YVR for a day of skill-building workshops with some of our incredible festival performers!

9:30 AM : Moscato Sky 
'Chair Flow' (90mins)

11:00 AM : Desiré d'Amour 
'Making Your Own Costumes That Are Efficient and Inexpensive' (60mins)

12:00 PM : Red Tongued Raven 
'Storytelling Through Burlesque with Red Tongued Raven(60mins)

1:00 PM : Shawna the Black Venus 
'HOT TIPS! How to Make Fire
Tassels and Torches plus Safety Tips(60mins)

2:00 PM :  Missy Ink 
'Grounded Performing: Improving Stage Presence by Being Present In Our Bodies(60mins)

3:00 PM: Charlotte Strudel 
'Introduction to Boa Training(60mins)


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