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Vancouver is BURLESQUE

Vancouver Burlesque Events Calendar

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Association (VIBFA) is pleased to provide our community with a brand new events calendar to help promote local burlesque shows in our burlesque community to our wonderful audience. We're also hoping to provide performers with more opportunities by tracking & sharing upcoming application deadlines as well.

  • Upcoming shows in Vancouver are displayed in Purple

  • Upcoming festivals around North America are displayed in Blue

  • Upcoming application deadlines for performers are displayed in Gray

You can also subscribe to these calendars directly, adding them to your own personal calendar, via these direct subscription links: Shows, Festivals, & Applications.

For local Vancouver show producers: Please get in touch with us at to so we can share access to the form to start adding your upcoming shows, we'd love to hear from you!


This calendar is based upon the original Vancouver Burlesque calendar created many years ago by the amazing Precious Metal and has been re-created with their permission. The VIBFA is grateful to Precious for their many years of hard work maintaining this calendar in the past & for providing us with their blessing to carry their work forward into the future.

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